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How To Keep That Fixture Looking New – Wax it!

You’ve spent hours (weeks, months?) selecting the perfect fixtures for your kitchen or bath. Now you’d like it if they could look as good as when you opened the box. Before you even hand the fixtures over to your plumber or contractor, you should wax them. Yes. Fixture Wax. We recommend Flitz fixture wax but you can use carnauba wax WITHOUT polish because sometimes polish can scratch the finish. By waxing your fixtures, the future water spots will spot the wax instead of the fixtures so you should be able to buff off the spots without damaging the finish. You should note, however, that wax will darken many finishes. And if you covet an aged, worn finish, wax will slow that aging process down but it will likely change the finish upon the first application. It may be a good idea to try the wax in an area that won’t be seen too easily. Polished nickel will fog over more slowly and living finish bronzes will get darker and age more slowly. For the first time, add 4-6 coats of wax and then reapply the same amount every 4-6 months. Solid stainless steel finishes usually don’t need wax because they are solid stainless all the way through and can be scrubbed. However, most faucets labelled as stainless are actually just stainless plate or stainless finish. These faucets would need to be waxed.

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