Bathtubs for Two

Sometimes, you just wanna have some company and save water at the same time. But not all bathtubs are appropriate for two bodies. No one wants to sit on a drain or lean against an overflow so a drain near the center line of the tub eliminates this concern. Ideally, a tub for two would have a slanted back on both sides. Some couples love to have asymetrical slants so that each side offers a different type of reclining comfort.

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What is the Perfect Bathtub Size

What is the Perfect Bathtub Size

Measuring for Tub Size

When advising clients on tub sizing, a good place to start is to measure the length from hip to heel of the primary bather. Then, find a tub that is about that length along the bottom interior. For width, the interior bottom should be about 6-8″ wider than the primary bather’s widest part.

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Showerhead Specials Display Clearance

New Showerhead Clearance
These are being discontinued. I REALLY love this head. The head features a regular spray that is gentle, not pin-like and it feels aerated. There is also a champagne like feature that is highly aerated, a massage and a laminar flow (like the flow from a hose). The head also has a self-cleaning feature where little blue pins move through the small holes to clean them out. We can show you how to use it. It is in in shiny chrome and lists for $248. We will sell it at 1/2 off or $124.

Fixed Head

Fixed Head

Sale $125 3 5/8" face. Full, Soft Aerated and Pulsating Massage. Arm is 4" long. List $514

Sale $125
3 5/8″ face. Full, Soft Aerated and Pulsating Massage. Arm is 4″ long. List $514

We have ordered a new display so these heads are on Clearance. These heads have been on display and we have run water through them in our showroom shower area. They are “AS IS” and have no warranty. But the prices are GREAT! Sorry the photos are sideways. I cannot figure out how to rotate them in the proper direction.

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Towel Warmers Warm Your Bathroom and Dry the Towels, Too!

Stainless Steel Towel Warmers

Sometimes we hear homeowners say that they don’t need a towel warmer. But they do! YOU do! It’s likely that you’re going to be taking up wall space with a towel bar anyway. A towel warmer takes the chill off the bathroom meaning you don’t need to heat the whole house in the morning if you will be gone all day. It warms AND dries the towel which means you’ll do a little less laundry saving time, water AND your towels! And they’re more affordable than you may think. It’s important to pay attention to the quality and BTU’s though. Any old towel warmer won’t do. Substandard welds will rip your towels. They need to heat quickly and efficiently or you’ve wasted your money and your wall space. And these are made of stainless steel so they aren’t plated meaning there is no finish to wear off over time.

Amba Products, based in Atlanta GA, offers an expansive range of Italian design heated towel rails and space heaters for keeping towels and bathrooms warm and dry

Prevent towels from becoming musty — reducing laundry loads and water consumption
Helps bathrooms stay warm in the winter; and mold and mildew free – some models function as space heaters
Can be used at pools, spas & saunas, on boats & yachts, and in mudrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms
Made from high-quality environmentally friendly, 304 stainless steel (NOT plated)
Available in various quality finishes
Multiple sizes available to fit all needs and applications
Award-winning Italian designs, with a patented wire cable heating technology system
Installs easily — wire as you would a wall light or wall sconce.
All units are either UL or ETL approved for safety in Canada and the USA
Can be controlled by a simple switch, 24hr/7day programmable timer or digital heat controller
Models consume minimal power — some equivalent to just one or two light bulbs.
Custom sizes and Hydronic versions are available by special order
Amba Towel Warmer Collection: Traditional

The traditional collection is available in nickel plated brass, not stainless steel, due to requests for traditional design, look and materials.
A beautiful look and style towel warmer with the traditional finial accents
Can be controlled by a simple switch or 24hr/7day programmable timer
UL certified Italian heating element
Invisible hardware kit included in the price

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