Bathtubs for Two

Sometimes, you just wanna have some company and save water at the same time. But not all bathtubs are appropriate for two bodies. No one wants to sit on a drain or lean against an overflow so a drain near the center line of the tub eliminates this concern. Ideally, a tub for two would have a slanted back on both sides. Some couples love to have asymetrical slants so that each side offers a different type of reclining comfort.

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What is the Perfect Bathtub Size

What is the Perfect Bathtub Size

Measuring for Tub Size

When advising clients on tub sizing, a good place to start is to measure the length from hip to heel of the primary bather. Then, find a tub that is about that length along the bottom interior. For width, the interior bottom should be about 6-8″ wider than the primary bather’s widest part.

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Fun with Lighting. Light up that Bathroom!

Homeowners and designers are really having fun with light these days. These are a few ideas of how you can easily and often inexpensively add light to your bathroom with either LED tape or rope. Talk to your local lighting showroom. In Santa Cruz, you can check out

We sell the sink, the LED faucet and many lighted mirrors

You'll see an effect like this at Bittersweet Bistro in Aptos where their logo is lit near the hostess desk

See how the toe-kick area of the vanity has been lit? It’s great for night time bathroom visits

This is a great link to info about LED lighting

AND we sell LOTS of light-up mirrors. They add so much to a bathroom and the light is gorgeous. We have three on display.

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Blu Bathworks Continues to Move Forward in its European Design Aesthetic

Founder and Lead Designer Michael Gottshalk talks about his drive for Blu Bathworks and the clean lined European Vision. Faucetry is made in Italy and the cabinets are made in Europe

Blu Bathworks Video from Blu Bathworks on Vimeo.

We have this toilet on display

We have this toilet on display

Double Modern

Double Modern

Wouldn't you love it if your drawers looked like this?

Wouldn’t you love it if your drawers looked like this?

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Outdoor Television from Seura, the makers of our lighted mirrors

Outdoor Television from Seura

Yes, we even sell outdoor televisions to complete your outdoor living area. Seura makes our lighted mirrors which are used in baths, bedrooms, dining rooms and living areas. They also make mirrors that turn into televisions with the push of a button. So along with the sink and faucet, consider a TV for your outdoor space.

A combination of carefully crafted anti-reflective glass screen and high-brightness panel with vivid color and clarity delivers a remarkable picture even in sunny environments. Refined air input and output design maintains optimal performance conditions. Dual filters are low maintenance and protected from damage. Tight seal aided by Séura’s Precision O-Ring System protects from water and contaminant damage. Air vents are shielded by water-resistant filters and unique design. Robust aircraft-grade aluminum construction withstands impact and cosmetic wear and tear. Powder-coated with a durable finish.


Outdoor TV Spec Sheet



TV Mirror

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