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Perfect Mix of Traditional and Modern

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Weathered Copper Telephone Set

Weathered Copper Telephone Set

AAAAAaaaaaaiiiiikes!! There’s a FAUCET in my window! So many clients bring this up when selecting their kitchen faucet. “Pashaw!” we say. These faucets are BEAUTIFUL and deserve to be shown off. Countless hours have been spent in engineering and design and perfect plating to entice the eye to linger upon their beauty. Go ahead and STARE!! And our convincing argument is that when your eye needs to focus up close on the faucet, it will. And when it needs to focus outside the window, it will. Both inside and out are beautiful and in no way does a faucet in the window detract from the wonders of nature outside. Put that functional art in the window and enjoy them BOTH!!

This project by Mark Susskind at MS Builders is a great example of mixing modern glass tile with traditional cabinets. In addition, this homeowner was confident enough in sense of style to mix finishes. The handsome Waterstone faucet in antique copper plays off of the bronze light fixtures over the sink.

We included a quick photo of the weathered copper telephone set for fun.

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Fearless Females in Design

I spent the day having LOTS OF FUN in San Francisco at the annual Design San Francisco Event I saw lots of stuff I liked and can’t wait to share with our clients, and plenty of stuff that is rarely seen in Santa Cruz.


I drove up to the city with Scarlett, the energetic and creative force behind Saffron and Genevieve in Santa Cruz. We ran into lots of local designers including Lydia Lyons, Jayne Price, Denise Castagnola and Diane Davis among others

This is a quick little video of the end of the night

I loved this tile at Artistic Tile. The mother of pearl could add glam to so many bath and kitchen projects.


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