Vanity Sale

$150 Sale. List is $995. Solid Birch construction. Some shop damage as seen in photos. We have a matching mirror that is 24″w x 32″ tall. List is $380. Sale is $190



20130725-153548.jpgabout 26″ wide at the balls of the legs and 24″ wide at the top, 21″ deep, 34″ tall

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Showerhead Specials Display Clearance

New Showerhead Clearance
These are being discontinued. I REALLY love this head. The head features a regular spray that is gentle, not pin-like and it feels aerated. There is also a champagne like feature that is highly aerated, a massage and a laminar flow (like the flow from a hose). The head also has a self-cleaning feature where little blue pins move through the small holes to clean them out. We can show you how to use it. It is in in shiny chrome and lists for $248. We will sell it at 1/2 off or $124.

Fixed Head

Fixed Head

Sale $125 3 5/8" face. Full, Soft Aerated and Pulsating Massage. Arm is 4" long. List $514

Sale $125
3 5/8″ face. Full, Soft Aerated and Pulsating Massage. Arm is 4″ long. List $514

We have ordered a new display so these heads are on Clearance. These heads have been on display and we have run water through them in our showroom shower area. They are “AS IS” and have no warranty. But the prices are GREAT! Sorry the photos are sideways. I cannot figure out how to rotate them in the proper direction.

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