Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend Comes to a close

Well, we’re finished with the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend. We are SO THRILLED to have participated. We met so many great people and hopefully, this will be the start of some great new relationships. I made three quick videos for the San Jose Mercury News. Once I find them, I’ll share the link. Thank you to all who helped us!

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  • Andrea Tyson of Studio Modry


    Hi Julia- Awesome to have chatted with you about the wetroom at Sunset. I was the designer from San Jose. Room looked great! Glad to have another more modern resource in the area and hope to be able to use you for future projects. Keep me on your emailing list.
    Take Care-

    • Julia Bettencourt


      Andrea, it was great to meet you, too! We had so much fun. Here it is at 2am and I awoke bc of a design idea that came to me in my sleep that I HAD to write down. Hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity to obsess about one of your projects in the near future! (My husband, John, is full of good ideas, too.

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