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Kitchen Faucets Primer

Did you know that the kitchen faucet is the most used plumbing fixture in the house? Most of your time in the kitchen is spent at the kitchen sink using that faucet so it NEEDS TO BE RELIABLE! There are so many companies who would love a piece of the kitchen faucet pie but VERY FEW are actually able to execute one well, with quality accessible parts backed up by customer service people who answer the phone and troubleshoot with you. All of this needs to be paired with technical drawings and know-how to aid in the diagnosis and elimination of troublesome symptoms. We only sell quality faucets (unless you beg us for a “lesser brand”). So beyond the quality issue, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want a pullout faucet? If you’re not sure, have you had one before that gave you troubles? Perhaps you need to reread the entry paragraph. Good ones should be a joy to own. If not, would you like a sidespray with your main faucet?
  2. How tall would you like your faucet to be? The standard faucets stand about 6-7″ above the counter with the water coming out at about 5″ above the counter. If you would like a taller faucet, consider the possibility that you may have more splash with this option if your sink is 8″ deep or shallower. We have experience with several taller faucets that do not splash. It’s all about knowing the brand and having faith in the engineers and manufacturers behind it
  3. What is your style? Traditional? Modern? In-between – this is often the “transitional” category.
  4. What finish would you like your faucet to be? Brushed stainless is very popular but — TAKE NOTE — most faucets described as “stainless” are often made of brass and plated with a stainless or satin nickel finish. Solid stainless is more expensive but extremely durable and scrubable.

    This is a link to a great, Swiss, solid stainless faucet with a solid stainless hand piece.

No matter what you choose, a quality pullout kitchen faucet will be one of your best friends in the kitchen.

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