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Welcome to our Family Business

We all work hard to keep things running smoothly around here. Since a very young age, our children have been our cleaning crew. We have never paid anyone else (which may explain some of the dust but they’ve gotten pretty good at it)

While we’re helping you, you will often see these guys with their dust cloths in hand.

Our goofy son keeping Hansgrohe shiny

Our goofy son keeping Hansgrohe shiny

She's doing it. She might not like it but she's doing it. And she's not complaining. And then she moved to filing.

She’s doing it. She might not like it but she’s doing it. And she’s not complaining. This is an Americh tub Made in California. And then she moved to filing.

Yes, even our sweet pooch, Honey, helps out.

Yes, even our sweet pooch, Honey, helps out.

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New Steam Controls from Thermasol

Like nothing you've seen before

Like nothing you’ve seen before

MicroTouch was designed for the customer who wants the best “steam-only” experience (without all of the other in-shower enhancements). MicroTouch is simple for the user yet the most technologically advanced controller on the market.

Innovative features of MicroTouch include:
Capacitive touch technology (CTT) similar to operating a smartphone or tablet.

Precise Infrared Temperature Sensing (patent pending – only available from ThermaSol) that reads temperature more accurately and much faster than standard contact temperature sensors.

CAN-bus digital cable connection, the most up-to-date technology.

Preset 45 minute time setting with enhanced diagnostics.

Steam only operation and compatibility with the Solitude Wireless Module (SMW-1) and Solitude App from the App Store and Google Play.

A low profile yet elegant-looking design made for people who do not want to draw attention to the controller.

Can be retro-fitted with all PRO and AF steam generators manufactured after October 2007.

Available in five styles and 14 finishes.

We believe the MicroTouch will very quickly become the bestselling controller in the marketplace.

Pre Orders start NOW and all 5 styles are going to be ready to ship the first week of October.


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