Wall Mount Bathroom

Clean Clean Clean! I want my bathroom to be easy to clean. Consider designing a wall-mounted bathroom

Your cabinets can be wall-mounted. They allow for a more open feeling in the bathroom with easier cleaning since you can sweep or mop right under them. And did you know you could quickly, easily and INEXPENSIVELY add LED lighting on the underside of the wall-mount cabinets providing additional ambient/safety lighting?

Keuco Wall Mount Cabinet

Wall Mount Vanity

Take note of the division between shower and cabinet with the top portion of the divider being glass and the thin bottom portion being tile.

What?!! You’re afraid of wall-mount cabinets? You kids will hang on them and surely pull them off of the wall? Did you realize that your kitchen cabinets are wall hung? The same ones that have been storing your heavy dishes and glassware for years? YUP! When installed correctly, wall-mount cabinets are NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

The toilet can be wall-mounted, too! Surprise! When I visited Germany and Switzerland last year, I did not encounter ONE floor-mounted toilet. In all of those old hotels and in those new modern restaurants, in the airport and in the clubs, every toilet was wall-mounted. That’s because they save space and they can hold up to 800 POUNDS!! If you weigh more than 800 lbs, it’s likely you’re not using the wall-mounted toilet anyway.

I like how they had fun with tile/wood here

This is a great example of a Wet Room which I will discuss in the near future

More Pluses: they’re easier to clean under and they are height adjustable at the time of installation from about 17” to 22” – so short and tall homeowners can dictate how tall their toilet should be. The standard, chair height toilet with the seat is about 17” off the floor. And most of them are dual-flush offering you more opportunities to save water. Even if you’re on a well, it’s still good to save water, right?

Feel free to come in and discuss some of these easy to clean design ideas. We have lots of products to satisfy this objective!

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