The Family Bathroom

Get away from me!! It’s MY turn! Hurry up!! Your elbow is in MY space!!

AAAAAaaah the Family Bathroom. Let’s assume you have kids. Or let’s assume there are TWO people using the bathroom. And let’s assume that there is a battle for space. And you don’t have room for two sinks. How about a larger than normal sink with TWO faucets? There are a variety of options from several manufacturers. Following up on my previous discussion regarding the Fear of Modern, I suggested tiptoeing into this design area by mixing modern with traditional. This is an example of a modern sink with two traditional faucets over it.

And how can you resist this one?

What about storage you ask? This is the same sink built in with counter space and a shelf below.

This is a small bathroom with a small vanity but STILL– two people could brush their teeth or wash their hands at the same time.

By incorporating sinks like this, in the 37” range, you can (hopefully) allow for an upright cabinet for storage.

And when it comes to the shower and a growing family, a handshower on a slidebar is a must-have. Your toddler can take a “big kid” shower at age 3 and your growing teenager can raise the showerhead to their 5’8” or their 6’5” height. (Plus, short moms and tall dads can both have the showerhead at a reasonable height). And if your plumbing codes allow it, it’s always nice to shower together with two shower heads!

When I think of little boys, or big ones for that matter, I think about the toilet cleaning issues. With this in mind, it’s hard to beat a wall-mount toilet. (I’ll address these further in a future blog) They’re easy to clean under and there is less of them to clean overall. Think of all of the space you’ll save!

I had to include this photo even though there is no slide bar because this bathroom has a wall-mount toilet IN THE SHOWER!! It’s a great space saver. You couldn’t do this with a floor-mount toilet but think of the space you could save. This is called a Wet Room and I’ll discuss this in a future blog, too.

Family is all about closeness anyway, right? So squeeze in and consider two faucets over one big sink, showering together and building a wet room.

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