Bathtubs for Two

Sometimes, you just wanna have some company and save water at the same time. But not all bathtubs are appropriate for two bodies. No one wants to sit on a drain or lean against an overflow so a drain near the center line of the tub eliminates this concern. Ideally, a tub for two would have a slanted back on both sides. Some couples love to have asymetrical slants so that each side offers a different type of reclining comfort.

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What is the Perfect Bathtub Size

What is the Perfect Bathtub Size

Measuring for Tub Size

When advising clients on tub sizing, a good place to start is to measure the length from hip to heel of the primary bather. Then, find a tub that is about that length along the bottom interior. For width, the interior bottom should be about 6-8″ wider than the primary bather’s widest part.

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Add Color To Your Bathroom with Nood

Add color to your bathroom with sinks from Nood. They will be fun to use and they will define your bathroom. You may choose to make one of these sinks the focal point of the bathroom while adding some tile that will complement it.

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Vitraform — Jump In with Us!!

We think we’re going to jump in! Vitraform. Made in USA by a woman owned company (like us — although I share the reigns with my handsome husband). The quality and variety and absolute dreaminess seems to match our philosophy and the philosophy of our clients. Beauty, responsibly produced, is worth every penny. Please help us select three items to display. We need your input! Tell us what you would like to see

Visit the website by clicking on Vitraform

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It DOESN’T have to be all matchy-matchy

So often clients feel like their door hardware must match their cabinet hardware which must match their faucets which must match their appliances. We say NONSENSE!! That’s boring! And where is YOUR personality in all of that? Exercise your sense of style by mixing up the finishes!

Even though I wrote this post a couple of years ago, I have noticed that we’re not the only ones who are writing about this. Click on these two links below to see some Houzz articles on this design opportunity. Even the experts are saying “Mix finishes and have some fun!”

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