BACKORDERS! Order early!

Back orders!! The economy has picked up quickly and manufacturers are scrambling to keep up. Even with the best word from our suppliers, we are experiencing frustrating backorders. To see the disappointment in our clients’ faces breaks our hearts because we strive to create realistic timelines. We love to participate in the realization of the dream of a new bath or kitchen. Products that we could consistently deliver in a couple of days to a couple of weeks are taking more than twice that time. We do our best to give good time estimates but we cannot make nor ship the products.

Please order early! Please try to stay ahead of your project. We hate to be a part of the cog in the wheel of your project. Any finish other than chrome can add time to a project and even chrome has been back ordered lately. Plan and buy ahead! Special finishes (anything other than chrome) have been taking up to 13 weeks with some companies. Most of the time, Satin/Brushed Nickel can be delivered within 3 weeks. If you need your products in days, we will show you what can be immediately shipped.

Thought I’d include this linkto an article I found about such things. But, even Made in USA products have had extended lead times lately.

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