It DOESN’T have to be all matchy-matchy

So often clients feel like their door hardware must match their cabinet hardware which must match their faucets which must match their appliances. We say NONSENSE!! That’s boring! And where is YOUR personality in all of that? Exercise your sense of style by mixing up the finishes!

Even though I wrote this post a couple of years ago, I have noticed that we’re not the only ones who are writing about this. Click on these two links below to see some Houzz articles on this design opportunity. Even the experts are saying “Mix finishes and have some fun!”

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We made BEST OF HOUZZ 2015!!

Yes! We’re kind of excited that we, Plumbed Elegance in Santa Cruz, California, have been awarded BEST OF HOUZZ 2015! We LOVE the Houzz website for all of the information sharing and creative collaboration. It has been SUCH a useful tool for us and YOU! We are humbled by this honor. We’ll keep trying to share our amazing projects and you can keep dreaming with us…

Remodeling and Home Design

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