French Country Kitchen with Copper Farm Sink

Every once in a while we get lucky enough to meet super happy people who are just clearly delighted to be able to move forward with a remodel project. Such was the case with these two. From the get-go, these two had a clear and confident direction and they smiled all the way through the process. With the help of Lydia Corser at Greenspace in Santa Cruz, these two pulled off a beautifully successful remodel.

This sink is made of recycled copper by Native Trails, a California company founded an led by a woman. The faucet is made in California by Waterstone and it is available in a myriad of finishes. It does have a long lead time of 3-7 weeks depending on how busy the factory is, so plan early. The glass 2×6 subway tiles are made by FireClay Tile and made from recycled glass. The glass knobs are made by Lewis Dolin Hardware in NY.

Recycled Copper Sink and Made in USA Faucet

Recycled Copper Sink and Made in USA Faucet

We love the chandelier and the glass pulls and knobs even though we didn't sell them

We love the chandelier and the glass pulls and knobs even though we didn’t sell them

Do you know why Native Trails sinks are better and easier to care for than so many other brands? It’s because they heat their recycled copper to 2500 degrees while most other companies do not take that time and heat it to only 1500 degrees. By heating it that additional 1000 degrees, more of the impurities float to the top. It is the impurities that give copper that greenish stigma. In addition, less expensive sinks are often not hand hammered but instead they are made of a sheet of impure copper that is rolled over with a hammered patterned stamp. When created out of a sheet, the copper will usually be polished with a gloss which will often deteriorate leaving shiny and matte areas, some greenish and others not. In contrast, Native Trails sinks are hand hammered. Each strike of the hammer creates a shiny indentation making it look polished when in fact it is not. This makes it way easier to care for.

Click How Native Trails Sinks are Made for a quick YouTube Video. Note how the metals used are recycled and how the sink is dull before the hammer strike.