What is the Perfect Bathtub Size

Measuring for Tub Size

When advising clients on tub sizing, a good place to start is to measure the length from hip to heel of the primary bather. Then, find a tub that is about that length along the bottom interior. For width, the interior bottom should be about 6-8″ wider than the primary bather’s widest part.

If there is a good size difference between the bathers, measure everyone’s hip to heel length and use the average. Also, measure everyone’s widest part, add 6-8″ to each person’s measurement, and then use the average. These are just guidelines. We have met bathers who really prefer to be in a tub that is much bigger than their frame. And we have met bathers who love to fit snugly into the tub with the tub touching them on all sides. Consider your personal preferences when sizing the tub for you. If you love to read in the tub, your arms may be much more comfortable in a tub with armrests so that your arms are not up on the sides of the tub at and uncomfortable angle. You may also enjoy a tub accessory that can hold your book and perhaps a beverage. Many manufacturers make them specifically for their tubs.