Kim’s Retreat: A curvy tub and a glass of wine

You can picture it already, right? That tub you’ve been dreaming of? You’ve seen in in pictures. Maybe you enjoyed it in a hotel. You’ve wanted a tub like this for a long time. Well, Kim has been dreaming with you and in her case, the kids are off to college and it’s time to watch them spread their wings. In the meantime, there’s plenty of time for relaxing in this incredible tub. Since it is asymmetrical, it curves differently on both sides providing different angles of support for reading a good book. And enjoying that glass of wine. And if your kids are still under your roof, there are always doors WITH locks…or family baths!

Solid Surface Tub

Solid Surface Tub

The floor mounted tubfiller is made in Italy and is exceptionally well-priced.

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