The Fear of Modern

Modern is Cold. Modern is SO not me!! WHY?

So often we hear this distaste/dislike/disgust at modern. And frankly, we don’t get it. While there is some modern design that exists purely for the cool factor, there is so much more modern that IS warm AND cool at the same time. Modern can be clean and unfussy but still family friendly. In the USA, we are so often “behind the times” when it comes to design. Think of the Scandinavians. Think of the Germans. Think of the Italians. They all have families. They all embrace design. And they live to prove that family and design can coexist.

This is not to say that you must give up your love for tchotchke. But rather, edit, edit, edit. Find the pieces you love THE MOST!! Embrace them. Allow them to define you and your history and your hopes for the future. But deny the clutter and the stuff that you inherited or that entered your life wrapped in a bow. Choose pieces that are easy to clean, unfussy and full of storage. For the timid modernist, consider mixing both traditional and modern in the same package. YES!! Choose a modern sink/tub with a traditional faucet. Or vice-versa.

These are some examples of the mix…